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This journals is  filled with approximately 30 pages unlined white and green paper. This book is perfect for making lists, taking notes, journaling, or drawing. Bound with a wire coil, the book lays flat when open, and measures approximately 6" x 4 1/2".  This item is made from an new book in excellent condition.  Do you have a favorite book, or a memory of one from childhood? Email us and we will do our best to acquire the book if we do not have it on hand.

These journals make unique and nostalgic gifts for adults and children of all ages.  Surprise your parent or adult child with a journal made from a book that holds a special memory or brings them back to their childhood. Share your love of a special book with your children in a special way.


The complete book with the story of God's Creation is included throughout the journal, dispersed with blank pages for writing.

God's Creation Book Journal -Hardback

  • The Journals are filled with approximately 30 pages of blank unlined paper.